Wealth Building

  • DOWC’s:  Allows 100% control over your F&I program!
    - Rates, coverage’s, marketing materials, as well as the company name, are at the discretion of the dealer.
    - Underwriting and investment income retained solely by the DOWC.
    - Provides significant cash flow (dealer can even borrow excess cash for virtually any purpose).
    - NO CLAIMS HEAT – dealer has override authorization on all claims.
    - Contractual Liability Policy limits potential exposure to losses.
    - Tax-deferred nature of the DOWC allows the dealer to use it as a wealth-building tool.
    - Benefits of a DOWC far outpace other programs available to the automotive marketplace.
  • Reinsurance -  For dealers who want to earn the highest return available from underwriting profit and investment income, owning a reinsurance company can have additional benefits such as preferential tax treatment, estate planning and key employee retention.
  • Retrospective -  With no setup costs, no annual expenses to consider, and no tax implications involved, retros offer the easiest mechanism for a dealer to participate in the underwriting profit and corresponding investment income of the products they sell.

    NOTE: Most F&I products do play a role in wealth development. However, many programs are subject to cost and income sharing provisions that unnecessarily inhibit a dealer’s income. ADG’s experience will help you analyze programs and make choices that are best for you and your customers.

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