American Driver Group (ADG) is a customer centric company aimed at providing training direct to your teams. Our in-store training is scheduled with the F&I department with follow-up one-on-one training to ensure each F&I manager is armed with the product knowledge, conversation transitions and needs-based talking points to maximize products sold AND profit per unit. The following is a guideline for our in-store training sessions:
Automotive Dealers.

  • Product Installation:  Each department within the dealership is fully instructed on the benefits, advantages and procedures of all products installed.
  • The F&I Department is provided comparisons against previous programs, coverage benefits and basic sales strategies.
  • The Office Staff is provided complete instruction on remittance/payment procedures for each product installed, use of the automated hotline for cancel requests and quotes, and retrieving all relevant statements from the Internet.
  • The Officers of the Dealer Owned Warranty Company (DOWC) are provided instruction on retrieving and interpreting the financial statements, both current and historical, of the DOWC.
  • The Service Department is provided with detailed instruction on programs and coverage installed, filing claims, using the automated claim hotline, authorization numbers, the use of inspectors and payment procedures.
  • Power Sports Dealers: Our Power Sports Training program is designed for dealership personnel who wish to better understand what it takes to succeed in F&I.

    - Standard Training:
        - Menu selling
        - Closing skills
        - Regulatory compliance guidlines 
        - Product knowledge
        - Objection handling

    - Custom Training:
        - Selling styles
        - Customer interviewing
        - Closing techniques
        - Regulatory compliance guidelines    
        - Product education

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