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American Driver Group (ADG) offers a service contract with more value, more benefits and has more back-end opportunities for the Harley Davidson Dealer, such as Dealer Owned Warranty Company, reinsurance, and retros. Ultimately, the Harley Davidson customer receives more value, more benefits for less cost than the competition.

ADG has been serving Harley Davidson dealerships since 2001, with programs designed to increase customer satisfaction and provide peace of mind for their customer. We are an approved service contract provider by HDFS – Dealership receives additional 10% on funding. We pay posted labor rate and retail for parts. Our customers also receive a pick up and delivery reimbursement. On-road vehicles also receive the following benefits: rental vehicle reimbursement, meals and lodging reimbursement, and emergency roadside assistance reimbursement. Optional touring bike package, tire & wheel, and towed trailer coverage (availability varies by State.)  ADG Dealers are averaging $ 1,800 to $ 2,300 PRU, and $ 1,600 to $ 1,800 per SVC sold.

We Cover Stage 1,2,3, and 4, modifications; our competition does not!

  • Our Products include:
    New and pre-owned exclusionary coverage for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
    -  Exclusionary coverage.
    -  Eligible pre-owned on-road motorcycles include those up to 12 prior model years.
    -  New on-road motorcycles coverage terms up to 7 years.
    -  Pick-up and delivery benefit.
    -  On-Road vehicles include 24-hour roadside assistance, rental, meals and lodging reimbursement.
    -  Optional coverage includes tire and wheel, touring and towed trailer packages
  • Chopper and Custom V-Twin Motorcycles:
    New and pre-owned coverage for chopper and custom V-twin motorcycles including popular brands such as Orange County Choppers, Big Dog, F.B.I. and Ultra Cycle.
      -  Named component coverage.
      -  Eligible pre-owned motorcycles include those up to 10 prior model years.
      -  New coverage terms up to 6 years.
      -  Optional coverage includes tire and wheel, touring and towed trailer packages.
  • Lifetime Battery Program:
    Dealer Benefits
      -  Increase F&I Sales and Profits.
      -  Building Customer confidence in the Finance Department. 
      -  Increasing Battery Sales in the Parts Department.
      -  Increasing Customer Loyalty.
    Customer Benefits
      -  Replacement coverage for the most commonly replaced item.
      -  Peace of mind from unexpected battery expense.
      -  Having coverage in the event of a battery failure for the lifetime of ownership.
    Coverage / Features
      -  Replacement Battery Coverage for the customer as long as they own the vehicle.
      -  Coverage must be purchased at the time of vehicle purchase.
      -  Coverage for new and pre-owned Motorcycles.
  • Elite Care Maintenance / Oil Care Plan:
    This Product is available for new and pre-owned vehicles:
     -  Motorcycles (on-road).    
     -  Coverage begins immediately.
     -  Coverage can be purchased any time during ownership.
     -  Coverage is to the original owner and the vehicle only and is not transferable.  
  • Oil Care Plus:
    -  Term is 24 months.
    -  Includes four (4) oil and filter changes within 24 months.
    -  Simple claims process.
    -  Oil, filter, labor, and taxes are covered.
    -  Claims paid to the dealer via MasterCard.
  • Elite Care Maintenance:
    -  Plans are available for terms of 18, or 36 months.
    -  Three (3) full services / 18-month plan.
    -  Six (6) full services / 36-month plan.
    -  Simple claims process. 
    -  Part, labor, and taxes are covered based on the owners' manual recommendations.
    -  Claims paid to the dealer via MasterCard.
  • Theft/GPS Monitoring - Performance and results! That’s what makes your experience outstanding. These are precisely the same qualities needed in a theft recovery solution. We are serious about protecting your motorcycle by providing outstanding durability, great benefits and all those little extra features that put it in a class above the rest. Any and all time access from a website or mobile app to see the location of your motorcycle, set a “fence” to protect from theft and set alerts for speed, movement and low battery. A complete comprehensive package; you are notified immediately if your motorcycle is tampered with or moved from the location you left it.
  • GAP - Guaranteed Asset Protection enhances customer satisfaction and maximizes your F&I profit, by closing the financial gap when total-loss insurance payouts leave your customers stranded with an additional loan balance.  Protective GAP benefits:
      -  Payable in the event of a total loss.        
      -  Covers the difference, in most cases, between the scheduled loan pay-off amount and the asset’s actual cash value net of refunds.
      -  Covers customer’s primary insurance deductible up to $1,000 (where States allow)
  • Credit Insurance - Would your customer’s debts wipe out their estate in the event of their death or disability? Would their families be able to repay those debts alone? That’s why offering credit insurance is so important. It is designed to help keep loan debts from becoming a burden during unforeseen tragic events. Protective makes it easy to include this protection into other coverage, providing peace of mind for your customers and their families.

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