• Extended Service Contracts - ADG offers a multitude of Vehicle Service Contract options for you to choose from. With our longevity in the marketplace, we have acquired the experience necessary to custom tailor our programs to meet the specific needs of both your dealership and its customers. Available for new, pre-owned, and certified vehicles our coverage's are some of the most comprehensive in the marketplace.
  • Prepaid Maintenance - Pre-Paid Maintenance Plans are fully customizable. The company’s offerings are unique as dealers can choose the exact coverages, terms, and service department reimbursement rates, providing maximum flexibility. Pricing is structured to provide maximum value and sale opportunities. Customized give-away plans are also available.
  • Tire & Wheel Road Hazard - Road Hazard programs provide the F&I Department with an easy-to-sell upgrade to new and used car warranty products. Unlike many F&I products, Road Hazard can be marketed to all customers. Options for coverage include: Tire-only, Tire & Wheel, and Tire & Wheel with Rental coverage. Reimbursement for tire and wheel/rim replacement if caused by a road hazard.
  • GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) - This coverage waives the outstanding vehicle loan or lease balance remaining on your customer’s vehicle, in the event of total loss or theft. Dealers can choose plans fully insured by A-rated carriers as well as participating programs including retro’s and reinsurance options, which provide additional “back-end” financial opportunities.
  • Credit Life Insurance - Provide benefits designed to pay off or reduce the borrower’s loan balance, in the event of their death due to a covered event. The Irrevocable Beneficiary of a credit life insurance policy or certificate is the lender holding the loan, and is noted as the Creditor Beneficiary on the policy or certificate. If a gross pay decreasing life coverage option is purchased, any credit life proceeds remaining after the loan balance has been satisfied are paid to the Secondary Beneficiary noted on the policy or certificate, or if none is listed, to the borrower’s estate. Credit life insurance may be available in single or joint coverage. Different coverage options may be available.
  • Limited Pre-Owned Warranty - An opportunity to stand above competition while providing customers the peace-of-mind they expect. Our Certified Limited Warranty is a powertrain program that provides dealers with New extended eligibility and pre-owned plans to meet franchise and independent dealers’ needs.

    -  Enhanced eligibility, coverage, deductible options and more.
    -  More benefits like roadside and car rental coverage included.
    -  Comprehensive marketing materials available.
    -  Dealer participation programs such as retro and reinsurance.
  • Vehicle Theft/GPS Monitoring - Theft recovery products using GPS not only protects the value of your vehicle, and any personal possessions that might be in it, but it also protects you from the aggravation, inconvenience and time-sink associated with a sudden loss of your mobility. To compound matters, vehicle recovery can be a very expensive proposition and your susceptibility to theft may be higher than you think. Any and all time access from a website or mobile app also allows you to view the location of your vehicle, set a “fence” to protect from theft and set alerts for speed, movement and low battery.

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